Sunday, July 22, 2012

Exciting Day!

I got my hair braided today!!! IT ONLY TOOK 3 HOURS. I once got this type of style done in NJ when I was young and it took 7+ hours! It was a great experience, I really got to know all of the beautiful women who took part in it. There was Aggie, Naneya, Adjua, and Susan. We talked about allll sorts of things, and  a lot of interesting things do do with marriage and having babies, naming ceremonies and names in general :) I love them! And I love my hair, it looks great, but it hurrrts right now. Well, I guess beauty is pain sometimes. But they said it will stop hurting in about two to three days so yayy! Tomorrow we are working on our individual projects and getting to listen to a lecture by a Professor from Ghana. Good night all!


  1. Courtney, I read your whole blog to date. I am very happy for your experience and am sure this will help you balance yourself. You have a rich personality that will do you well in your endeavors.

    Thanks for sharing, I hope to see more and thanks for the pictures, all really interesting. Take care, can't wait to see you home again.

    :) Uncle FrankS

    1. Thanks for reading it all!! I am learning a lot and having a great time over here but I'm ready to come back soon. Thanks again! :)

  2. Looks good niece. Hope you having a good time and learning a lot. Love ya, Uncle J